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3 Benefits of Digital Impressions for Orthodontic Patients

If you’ve ever been to the orthodontist, then you’ve probably experienced the unpleasant feeling of putty in your mouth. This putty is used to make a traditional impression for patients who need restorative oral solutions such as braces.

While this is a great option for a fitting, it isn’t your only option.

Orthodontic technology has advanced significantly, which allows patients to experience less invasive procedures with the same results. Today, patients can avoid goop-like material with the help of a digital impression.

What are Digital Impressions?
A digital impression is a digital scan that creates a map of your teeth. There are currently two ways to capture a digital impression: digital photographs or videos. This enables the orthodontist to look at your teeth on a computer screen.

The impressions are generally captured by an orthodontist assistant. The assistant will move a small wand around your mouth slowly, allowing it to take measurements and capture images that are stitched together by the digital impression machine software. This gives the orthodontist a precise image of what your mouth looks like in order to create the necessary fittings.

Digital impressions are becoming a preferred method for both orthodontists and patients.

If you want to know whether a digital impression is right for you, take a look at these 3 benefits for patients.

1. Improved Comfort for Patients
One of the greatest benefits of a digital impression is the increased comfort for patients. Traditional impressions are often uncomfortable for individuals who have a sensitive gag reflex from the putty.

Similarly, those who have a sensitivity to cold material can also find traditional impressions to be an unpleasant experience. With a digital impression, patients don’t need to worry about these sensitivities since the process is less invasive thanks to its digital process.

A digital impression is also great for those who have anxiety associated with going to the orthodontist. The less invasive nature of a digital impression can improve the comfort level for patients tremendously.

2. Better Precision
There are various things that can limit the quality of an impression — and these limits are often seen with traditional impressions. Errors such as poor margin detail, poor tray selection, and inadequate impression material mixing are more common with a traditional impression.

This is one area where digital impressions really shine for patients. Going digital can tremendously improve the quality of a patient’s impression thanks to its precision. In fact, a digital impression will limit the margin of error and distortion when compared to a traditional impression.

This means that patients can expect better fitted restorative solutions all under 10 minutes — with some needing just 1 to 2 minutes for completion.

3. Less Time
What’s even better is that digital impressions take less time compared to traditional methods. A traditional impression can involve a lot more materials and steps. This means that there isn’t just potential room for error but can take more time to complete.

Not forgetting to mention, the increased risk of error with a traditional impression means that patients will more likely need to come back a second time for a corrective visit.

Since a digital impression takes out a lot of the guesswork and involves fewer steps, the impression will take less time and patients likely won’t need to deal with secondary visits. Essentially, this is due to the fact that digital impressions are more precise and the restoration can be made in the orthodontist’s office rather than getting shipped to the lab.

Digital impressions are becoming a more popular option for patients. This is an excellent restorative solution that increases comfort, improves the precision of results, and takes less time overall.

If you need braces, consider Schwab Orthodontics as your trusted orthodontic facility. We practice using the latest innovations in orthodontics care to increase our patients’ comfort and provide them with the best results possible. We can make obtaining impressions of your teeth easier than ever with a digital impression. Contact us today to book an appointment with us.

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