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3 Reasons a Custom Bleaching System is Right for You

Your smile is important. In many cases, it may be one of the first things that other people see or notice about you.

Everyone wants a white smile– and there are lots of ways to go about brightening and whitening your teeth. One of the most effective, comfortable, and risk-free ways involves a custom bleaching system from a qualified orthodontic professional.

Below, we’ve covered three of the reasons a custom bleaching system might be right for you. Read on to find out more about how you might benefit from custom teeth whitening by a dental professional.

You can use them anywhere and anytime!
Custom bleaching systems offer unparalleled flexibility. You can use teeth bleaching trays (totally customized to your teeth) no matter what you’re doing. Whether you’re out in the car on an errand, home curled up watching TV, or even asleep, a custom bleaching system will continue to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile.

Whitening trays are also totally reusable. Not only is this a great benefit for the environment, but it means that you don’t need to spend money purchasing replacement trays on a constant basis.

You can maintain your white smile using your custom trays for as long as you’d like.

Uniform administration of whitening gel
Some other bleaching and whitening methods leave room for error; but, with a custom bleaching system, you can enjoy uniform administration of your whitening gel all over your teeth.

The result? A bright, white smile that spans all of your teeth. Over-the-counter whitening solutions generally involve stick-on whiteners that slide around over teeth. Even a tray kit from the store will not uniformly spread whitening gel, since the tray isn’t molded to fit your mouth properly.

You get the perfect fit and maximum comfort, too
Custom trays are exactly what they sound like. They’re totally customized to your unique mouth shape and teeth. They fit snugly, but comfortably– they don’t fall off or squeeze your teeth like one-size-fits-all whitening solutions. Over-the-counter whitening solutions usually run large and may cause uneven whitening.

Gum irritation is also a frequent side effect of imperfectly fit teeth whitening trays. Custom bleaching systems help minimize the risk of gum damage and irritation. Most custom bleaching systems don’t leak any gel at all onto your gums or the area surrounding your teeth.

More Reasons Why Custom Bleaching Systems are an Ideal Solution
There are way more than three reasons why a custom bleaching system might be right for you. For example:

– The entire process is supervised by a dentist or orthodontist; it’s safer than over-the-counter solutions

– You can ensure your results are uniform and long-lasting

– The whitening process is customized to meet your unique needs

– You can save money; you won’t need to repeat treatments as often as with OTC products

– It’s convenient and affordable

Whitening your teeth is a simple and quick way to improve your professional and personal life. Lots of people notice better opportunities in the workplace when they’re confident in their smile, and it’s much easier to interact with friends and family when you aren’t self-conscious about your teeth.

Custom Bleaching Systems With Schwab Orthodontics

If you’re looking to whiten your smile, a custom bleaching system from Schwab Orthodontics could be the solution that you’re after. Reach out to us today to find out more about our services. You’ll be connected with a friendly dental professional who can answer your questions and schedule you for a consultation.

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