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5 Reasons You Should Start Your Child’s Orthodontic Treatment This Summer

Summer season is that season every kid looks forward to. Smiles get brighter, days get warmer, and school is no longer on their nerves. The kids indulge in all kinds of fun, from playing in the pool to vacations to family outings that all birth joy and cheer.

The summer is also a perfect time to think about starting your kid’s orthodontic treatment with Schwab Orthodontics. Since the kids will be at home, it is easier to schedule orthodontic appointments than at other times of the year.

Apart from the fact that things are a bit easy in the summer, here are five more reasons why your kid should get braces or clear aligners this summer.

1. It gives them time to adjust to wearing braces.
Having braces for the first time can be a little nerve-racking, especially for kids. They, therefore, need time to get accustomed, and what better time to do it than in the summer? With fewer responsibilities, more time, and more flexible schedules, kids can get time to adjust to the little discomfort that comes with having braces and learn proper hygiene routines. They’ll also have time to get exposed to brace-friendly foods and drinks and gain the confidence to wear braces. Any brace-wearer will tell you that adjustment days can be a bit uncomfortable and it is only fit that kids sit them out at home.

2. Summer foods can help ease the pain.
Every kid loves their summer foods and treats. Thankfully, most summer foods are brace-friendly and known to help with pain and discomfort. The ice cream, popsicles, watermelons, frozen yogurts, smoothies, and apple pies all sum to give your kiddo a good time and as well relieve the soreness and swelling.

3. Treatment can start earlier.
With schools not being in session, the orthodontic treatments can start right away. The earlier the treatment begins, the faster your kid will be done wearing braces which is a good thing for them. With schools closed, parents become more flexible to make appointments as it saves them the hustle of having to arrange with the kid’s school to make sure they make it to orthodontic appointments.

It is also convenient for the kids as they have fewer things on their plates, which means they can focus on getting their teeth aligned, hence alleviating the pressure of balancing school, sports, and getting used to being in braces.

4. Take advantage of the summer growth spurts.
Studies have shown that most kids grow for a short period then go into a lag phase until their next spurt. Interestingly, most of these growth spurts occur during the long days of summer where children experience maximum growth rate. This is due to increased sleeping hours, healthier eating, reduced school stress, and longer hours of play.

During this period, orthodontic treatment becomes more effective and efficient as the kid’s teeth move into the desired position quicker and more conveniently. This is, therefore, the best time for your kid to get orthodontic treatment.

5. Give them time to perfect their back-to-school smiles
By the end of summer, your kid will be a pro at smiling in braces. The awkward days and hectic appointment days will be over, and they will be looking forward to starting their new school year. A braces-friendly mouthguard can be fitted to protect their braces during minor field accidents for the kids in sport.

At Schwab orthodontics, Dr. Catherine and her team are committed to offering quality services for kids, teens, and adults. We take pride in making our clients feel like family. For any inquiries about braces, clear aligners, teen or adult orthodontics, feel free to contact us today.

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