Our Qualifications

Drs. Catherine are two of the very few orthodontic specialists who are certified by the American Board of Orthodontics. This is the highest degree of recognition given to orthodontists in the United States.

Drs. Catherine have completed the Roth-Williams course on Functional Occlusion, which emphasizes more than just straight teeth. The emphasis is on creating a bite where the teeth are working in harmony with the jaw joints and muscles. We focus on the details of tooth positions as well as the details of the bite relationship. We place attachments on all of the teeth (including the second molars), not just the ones that you can see upon smiling. We mount the study models of each patient’s teeth on an instrument called an articulator. This is a joint measurement that shows the exact bite relationship and allows for extremely accurate treatment planning.

Dr. Catherine was formerly on faculty as well and has recently retired after thirteen years of teaching. They are actively involved in the training and education of dentists specializing in orthodontics. They have also lectured on the national and international level and have published articles in scientific journals.

Drs. Catherine is committed to continuing education by continuous study of scientific literature, continuing education classes, and study-group involvement. We also host continuing education classes for the other dentists in the area.

Our schedule allows Drs. Catherine to spend quality time with each patient. We educate our patients using understandable language, and we are committed to keeping patients and parents informed about their orthodontic treatment and progress. We measure our success by long term results and long term relationships. In addition to cutting-edge orthodontics, we are forming lasting friendships.

Your time and convenience are important to us. We are proud to be an office where our patients are seen on time.