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Clear Correct aligners are transparent trays that shift teeth without the need for wires and brackets that come with braces. Aligners are the ideal technique for patients experiencing crowding or spacing since they can be readily replaced and removed at the patient’s leisure. While braces are likely for more severe orthodontic requirements, aligners are suitable for individuals seeking less rigorous repairs.

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Metal braces are frequently used to begin thorough orthodontic therapy on a patient. You will have regular appointments to keep track of your therapy and modify your braces as needed, thanks to our tailored approach to care. Metal braces are accessible to persons of various ages; however, they are mainly reserved for children.

Traditional metal braces for teeth, which are typically composed of high-grade stainless steel, are by far the most popular form of fixed orthodontic equipment. Metal bands wrap around the rear molars, and smaller metal brackets for teeth are attached to the front sides of the other teeth. A thin, elastic metal wire threaded between the brackets gently moves the teeth into place. Flexible elastics, metallic ties, or other forms of clasps can be used to secure this archwire to the brackets.

There are several factors why time-tested metal teeth braces remain popular, including the fact that they provide a dependable, successful, and cost-effective treatment option.



Clear braces are an excellent option for those who want to receive quality treatment while concealing their braces. Clear bracket braces, which are popular among people who require braces, nearly vanish on the teeth, allowing for a more modest approach to treatment.

How do clear braces work?

Clear braces are the best braces option for those who want to align their teeth without using metal brackets. They employ the same mechanism as traditional metal braces to adjust your smile, but the braces are less visible. Your orthodontist will tweak it every 4-6 weeks until you achieve the perfect smile.

Are you looking for the best clear braces near me? Schwab orthodontics provides patients with the best invisible braces to guarantee a long-lasting beautiful smile.

How to choose?

Schwab orthodontist is qualified to assess your bite, alignment, and jaw. During your free appointment, the doctor will review your lifestyle and objectives with you and assist you in making the best decision for the best clear braces.

If you have a complicated situation or are simply uncertain, invisible braces services would work for you, see your dentist or orthodontist. Traditional or invisible braces can have a significant impact on your dental and general health. As a result, we recommend that you receive an orthodontic assessment before deciding on invisible braces.



Being part of our family-oriented method of care, we will constantly be upfront and straightforward about the cost of our therapy, with no hidden fees after the fact. As a result, the value of retention, once braces have been removed, is added to the overall cost of care.


Most people acclimatize nicely to wearing a retainer after a short period. You could also find it difficult to speak properly at first, but this will pass quickly. Of course, unlike braces, detachable retainers must be removed when eating or brushing your teeth. You will most likely be instructed to wear the removable retainer the whole day, every day at first. This phase of continuous retainer usage often lasts from months to a year.


All retainers require adequate cleaning to keep them fresh and germ-free. Most detachable retainers may be cleaned with a gentle toothbrush and a couple of droplets of dish detergent or another mild liquid detergent. Denture cleansers, whether tablet or powder form, and specific retainer cleaners can also be employed. Brushing and flossing are used to clean fixed retainers; a flossing threader or interproximal toothbrush can be useful cleaning tools.