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Whether you ’re looking for clear aligners, a wide range of options for braces, or corrective jaw surgery, we’ve a full lineup of orthodontic services available in- house to give you the dental design smile that you deserve. With each service, we take a one- on one approach to look out and assure long- term retention and success for results.


From kids getting their first set of braces to people searching for a better smile early in adulthood, we have the best metal braces for adults to fit every requirement. Some patients enjoy the look of conventional metal braces, whereas others prefer the more discreet appearance of transparent Clear braces. Whatever your preference, we’ll make your braces experience as painless as possible.


Clear aligners are invisible trays that create tooth movement without the need for the brackets and wires that accompany braces. The preferred method for patients with crowding or spacing, aligners can be easily removed and replaced at the patient’s convenience. While more major orthodontic needs will likely require braces, aligners are ideal for those seeking less intensive corrections.


If your jaws don’t meet correctly and your teeth don’t seem to “fit” with your jaws, you may need more intensive care that involves corrective jaw surgery. Jaw problems can cause issues with biting, which in turn make eating difficult. Other concerns around jaw problems may be appearance-based.


Our practice is always moving toward the latest innovations in orthodontic care, so we’ve made obtaining impressions of a patient’s teeth prior to receiving braces easier than ever with our state-of-the-art digital impression technology – and all without the need for uncomfortable paste impressions!


Instructing our patients regarding the dental issues and orthodontic treatment facilities is a top priority at schwab Orthodontics. We want our patients to understand what treatment they need and why for their smile time dental. Our clients should also have all the knowledge to make the best decision concerning their smile care.

Tiny teeth need bright smile dental!

Tween and teen teeth, too. We identify, because we take care of other children than any other dental service provider in Houma la. Your kids can see a special bright smile dental at any our clinical location, or you can visit our clinic in California.

Need Emergency smile care dental? Call schwab orthodontics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

If you’ve damaged a tooth or going through a toothache, call us, instantly! We’ll talk you from side to side the situation and help you acquire emergency smile dental care, straightaway. Calls are completely free. You don’t even have to be a patient!

Welcome to your great smile dental home!

We bring everything you and your family need for all of your dental health services smart smile together in a single place. Our location has special dentists, orthodontists and experts like pediatric dentists, and oral physicians.